Catch + Release

In order to insure a successful fishing trip for yourself and future generations Jackson’s Lodges and Outposts has instituted a policy for slot sizes at all fishing locations. Walleye over 18 inches and Northern over 28 inches must be released. We also request that guests eat all the fish they want for shore lunch but leave their 'take home' limit in the lake. Our goal is to establish a resource that will last for generations to come.

Barbless Hooks

Manitoba fishing regulations call for barbless hooks. Fishing with out barbs allow for easy removal causing less stress on the fish. In turn, the likelihood of your fish surviving when being returned to the water is excellent. Any hooks attached to your line must either have no barb or have the barb pinched. Barbed hooks may be kept in the tackle box until use.

Handling your Fish

Hold your fish carefully under their belly and never insert your fingers into their gills. Pull fish from the water under the jaw bone. The best way to hold your fish for photos is to use gloves and place one hand in front of the tail and the other under its belly. When releasing fish, please carefully guide it to the water. Hold the tail and slowly move the fish side-to-side in an 's' pattern until it regains strength and swims away. Never pull fish towards you or push away. If a hook is caught in the fish's throat, do not forcefully pull. This can cause massive bleeding and death. Try to remove the hook and if unable, cut the line at the hook and leave it there. The fish's digestive enzymes will corrode the hook and it will work its way out.


Replicas are an excellent way to preserve your trophy catch. All that is required is measurements of the length and girth as well as some photographs. Your replica will just like your impressive catch. Remember the fun is in catching, not keeping.
Handling your fish
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