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Hi Trina and Shawn, just want to tell you we had an awesome 4 days on Napigon lake. Here is our big fish pictures and please feel free to share on your site or in your brochures. Also please ad to your big fish list. Thank you so much again for a great adventure. I'm thinking of booking 2 trips this year. I would like to bring my son again with 2 of his friends from Alberta. So we have decided on Upper lake for early June. Please send us dates and price for a group of 4 possibly 5 or 6 to Upper for 3 days in the first week of June. Look forward to to seeing your next year.

Ed Bonne

My customers loved it!!!Was great fishing, great accommodations, great guides ,great home cooked food, shore lunches second to none, and most of all great hospitality by Bob, Marlene, Shaun and family.

Wayne Yausie

Shaun and Trina get it done. Great trips that I've been going on for years!

David Kuras

Was a regular out at Quesnel lake when Jacksons owed it. Great place to go to. We have been on 2 fly in trips. One to Wapeskapek and to Upper Lake. Both very nice outposts. Can’t ask for anything more.

Neil Crump

Phenomenal experience. So glad we were able to do some great fishing. Hopefully the wifey will let me save up for a moose hunt!

Charles Allen

Had an awesome week of bear hunting and the fishing was excellent! The staff treated us like family. Can't wait to go back!

Ken Cull

Top notch, great accommodations, friendly service, well maintained boats, would definitely go back :)

James T. Gillespie

Awesome places to go! Have everything like at home. Wonderful experience.

Chad Hanlan

Nice hunting.

Sonu Sonu

Hi Trina and Shaun, I want to thank you once again for our great experience at Amphibian Lake. The fishing was great, Paul was a super host and your facilities were top notch. I would also give you credit for the great weather but that might be pushing things a bit far. You can be very proud of the operation you have assembled and the quality of the people in your team all A+. I can't wait to see you again in June of 2017.

Ron Sack

Hi Jessica, We’ve been home for over a week now and can’t stop thinking about our trip to Amphibian Lake Lodge, and so I wanted to write one last time to thank you and all the staff at Jackson’s for making our trip so much fun. We were fortunate to have so many things work out so well: great weather, lots of fish, good food and pleasant accommodations at the lodge. I especially want you to know how well we were treated by hosts Grant and Linda. We (our party of four) were the only guests at the camp, and so Grant and Linda showered us with food, fun stories, great guiding, and lots of camaraderie. It was special, likely unique, and it was really appreciated. They are very special people, as I am sure you know.

It was also fun to be able to fly back with Shaun, whom we hadn’t seen since the Sports Show in Minneapolis. Sorry we were unable to connect with you as well, as you have been most helpful in planning our trip and answering our questions. And we all appreciated the great value that Jackson’s showed us for our trip—thank you for that as well!

We haven’t made any plans for next year as yet, but if we decide to fish Canada again, you can be sure that we will be in touch with you. All the best.


Trina, Here a few pictures from our Artery trip. John and I had a great time, bringing our son in laws and brothers and family on their first Canadian fishing trip. It was a great time. Thanks again.

Monte Fjosne

Hi Trina, We all had a great time again this year at Wapeskapek. Every year we go out we have enjoyed. Jackson's is top notch from the check in, pilots and accomodations. Thanks again.

Neil Crump

Hello all at Jackson's, our group had another fantastic trip this year, weather/flights/cabin and most of all Fishing was GREAT....we all thank you for that!! Looking forward to many more trips....truly an amazing experience from start to finish!!

Kelly Whyte

Thanks for a great week of fishing.'You guys truly do a great package and offer a wonderful service.'It is a lot of work to maintain all the cabins and outposts that you handle but you do a great job at it.'We couldn't have asked for anything more. Thank you again.

Craig and Suzanne Anderson

We couldn't have had more fun!' What a beautiful, restful, amazing visit.' We fished til we dropped!'I think you can tell I was having the time of my life!'Thanks'to everyone for being so kind and making this the first of many'great visits to Canada.'We sure want to bring our kids'when we come next time!'Pilots were amazing, your staff all so kind, and'accommodations were wonderful!


Fishing was through the roof good.'Every time we put lines in we caught. Love the boat drag to the other side of Artery.'So many locations to check out.'For your records, our group of 10 boated just over 2000 fish in the three days!!

Again, thanks for the best fishing trip I've ever been on.

Trevor Zetaruk

I wanted to email you guys and let you know how impressed I was with your outpost and fishing experience! This was my first ever trip to Canada for fishing. When I was told I was going on this trip I had no expectations in mind, just stories from other who had been up in Canada fishing! I am happy to say that my expectations were not only met but exceeded! I had never caught a Northern Pike before this trip, and on the 3rd day on the water I netted a 37 inch Northern. The only thing I wanted to do on this trip was to catch a big Northern and have my picture taken!

Thanks again for the great time! I will definitely recommend Jacksons lodge to anyone. I am sure our group will be back for many more fishing trips!

Andy Elder

Fishing, lodging, and transportaion were all first-class. You were great to work with and when (not IF) we do it again, you'll be hearing from us. Have a great remainder of your season!

Cody Snell

I really appreciated your information about Little Sass and the Jackson's. We had a fantastic trip with them the last week of June. The fishing and cabin was second to none. My Uncle being an accountant has a ”fish counter“ and logs the total for each trip. In the boat he and I shared we caught 595 total for the week. We had a group of eight and estimated 2000 fish for the week from his 1 boat total. Not only were many fish caught but we also caught some nice walleye's 2-28.5" 1-27" 5-26.5" and many 24-25". The largest pike was 38" and most were 28-32". They were a lot of fun but not giants. Thanks again for all of your help with the lake information as we had a great trip. I look forward to many more years traveling with the Jackson's. Thanks and Great Fishing,

Randy Smith

I just wanted to write this letter to let you know how much Jim and I enjoyed our trip to The Amphibian Lodge last week. Everything was great. The hospitality of the Vincent's was particularly appreciated and Omer's skill as a guide, fisherman, outdoorsman and raconteur cannot be surpassed. Omer and Lucille are definitely the magnets that would draw us back to relive our adventure on the lakes next year. I am pleased that everything that was promised to us by you came to pass. The meals were great, the pilots who took us up and back (Oscar and Carl) were friendly and skillful and the fishing was unsurpassed. A special thanks to Trina for getting us moved along and set up for the trip. Good luck and good fishing the rest of the summer. Hopefully we'll be in touch next year.

M. Herman & J. Burton

I just wanted to say thanks for the excellent trip. I will be sending photos and video soon. I am going to have a full mount made of my bear, and it will make the pope and young books too. I submitted a photo of Omer, myself and the bear to Mathews, and if you go to Mathewsinc.com. . . they have the photo shown. I put a little clip in for the lodge. Hope things are going well.


The fishing was qualitatively fabulous and quantitatively as well. This was the 12th trip to Canada since '83 and I have to say the quality of the walleye was better than ever.

Pete Leonovicz
Madison, WI

Thanks a lot for making the trip to Canada one that my son Jarrott and I will remember for the rest of our lives. What a beautiful place you have there. The staff is fantastic and the food was incredible. We look forward to fishing with you again.

Fred Schramm

My hunting partners and I thought it is necessary to provide you with some feedback on our incredible adventure atWapeskapek Outpost Camp this past September. Simply put, our opening week moose hunt just couldn't have been better. Quality hunts are measured by a few critical factors by all sportsmen and they are the quality of the game, the country they hunt, accomodations, and facilities, equipment provided.
Needless to say our gang of six experienced the best trip we have ever had thanks to Jackson's Lodge. This group six are long-time moose hunters and have never had such comfort in an isolated location. The cabin had plenty of room for all six. Having running water for the first time on a moose hunt was a treat. The propane-fired fridge, freezer and everything else the location had to offer is second to none letme tell you. All of your equipment worked flawlessly and exceeded any expectations of this group.
The weather cooperated with us to reveal the secrets of the beautiful Canadian Shield country of the Gammon River. The tea stained waters provided limits of walleyes and numerous large pike, a couple over 15lbs. An outstanding mixed boreal forest habitat offered the gamut of “moosey options” from marsh, to dense conifers, to hardwood - timbered ridgelines. You've got to love moose country to love moose hunting and each of us found what he was looking for in our week long adventure.
Our expectations for success in the big game department were exceeded when we were blessed with 3 bull moose for 6 men to fill the freezer for the harsh winter months we have. We all want to pass on a final word of thanks to Trina and your pilots who cared for us throughout. From departure to recovery, through the quick response to pick up moose quarters, and of course dropping off some much needed supplies at the mid week point. Your operation is world class and with no question knows how to offer real genuine hospitality.
Shaun with no question you now have 6 men who will be life long customers for the fall moose hunt at Wapeskapek. See you first week of the fall moose hunt of 2011.

Rob Remillard

Thank you so much for getting the moose tag for me. It was such an awesome experience! I will remember it forever. I can't begin to thank you enough. We need to talk to you when we get back about future trips. We love this place so much that we can't leave without making arrangements for the next trip. We were just wondering what time on Sunday the plane will be here to pick up so that we are for sure ready to go. Believe me; you don't have to be in any big hurry. We are already bumming about having to leave. Dale would like to live here if he could. Again thanks so much, this has got to be the absolute best vacation that we have ever had. I saw so much more of the beauty of this place with the hunting that I never would have seen, had I just been fishing. Every time we come, we love it even more. If we were rich, we would come every month I think.


I'm writing this letter to thank your entire staff for the recent fishing trip to Artery Lake. From the original sign up by Trina, the check-in by Courtney and piloting by Shauna everything was handled with 3 “P”s, Personal, Professional and Pleasurable right down to the added touch of having everyone's fishing license ready at check-in. The new cabin was spacious, the boats and motors worked well, the fishing was spectacular, and the memories will be long lasting. We enjoyed delicious “shore lunches” each day and I'm pleased to say that all the trophy fish that were caught swam away for another day. I have enclosed a CD with some digital pictures in case you can use them in future advertising of your camps. Thanks again, your entire staff made this the “Fishing Trip of a Lifetime” for my son and my friends. We will definitely be back!

B. Stark

Just a note to thank you for another great trip this year. As always things were first rate. You and your staff run a great operation. We look forward to see you again next year. Fishing was great as well.

C. Hartog

I would be remiss if I did not drop you a line and let all of you know how much we enjoyed our recent trip to Sass West this year. This was John Sawtzky's 33rd trip into Little Sass, Danny Doell has logged at least 20 trips in and this was my 18th this year. Herman Fuessmeier was our Pilgrim this year. He stated that he had only caught about 5 walleye in his lifetime. He was in walleye heaven to the extent that one night he got up on his own and went fishing at 2:00 AM. Needless to say he is hooked for life. He is already planning to bring his brother and come back next year. First of all, Trina, over the many years, you have always went out of your way to make sure that our group always got great dates and got us into and out of with no problems. Second, Courtney, your refreshing personality and your love for dogs (The English Mastiff) and your knowledge of my Fala Brazilios was very impressive. Last but not least, Shaun. What you have done to upgrade the facilities at Little Sass is beyond belief. My Nashville friends were very impressed with the pictures of the cabin that I had brought home. Your Turbo Otter is great step forward in the Aviation business. Even the Snowshoe Jackrabbit population has increased from one to five under your ownership. We were also happy to see the cow moose still having her calves on the island. And the fist time that I can remember, this year we observed a golden eagle, with an offspring. Danny, John and I had previously grumbled about the switch to the American Plane. We are back. You showed us that you get what you pay for. I will not even complain if you switch to the “Canadian Plan” next year with the lively Canadian dollar. Again thanks to all of you for making out holiday so enjoyable. If I had any recommendation, an old man like me could use a rail on one side of the steps going up into the cabin. Regardless, as long as I am physically able I intend on being one of your best customers.

Earl, John and Danny

Courtesy and professionalism made my weekend journey the most enjoyable of my life. Given the opportunity, I will be back in a heartbeat. The guides know where all the best fishing holes are ' we could barely get one fish off the hook before we caught another. Also, they really know how to prepare a fish dinner. Delicious! Truly an inspired weekend!

F. Bertrand

I caught the biggest fish of my life while at Jackson's; it was the happiest day of my life.

J. Smith

We had a great time fishing. Going to a lake where all the trophy fish are returned is a special treat for sport fishermen. It is a beautiful pristine area that hopefully can be maintained in its own natural beauty. All in all I give my experience an A+.

Robert Slattery
Bryant, WI